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Lack of sleep may make us more prone to choose junk food

When junk foods like pizza were put in front of sleep-deprived subjects along with leafy whole grains, they eagerly picked the greasier path. However, they were capable of making better choices after a good night's rest. "These results shed light on how the brain becomes impaired by sleep deprivation, leading to the selection of more unhealthy foods and, ultimately, higher rates of obesity," lead author Stephanie Greer, a doctoral student in Walker's Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory, said in a press release. A 2012 study from Columbia University researchers also found similar evidence of increased activity in the brain's reward centers in sleepy subjects shown pictures of unhealthy food s. Recent research in the America Journal of Clinical Nutrition also suggests that junk foods full of processed carbohydrates like cakes, cookies and chips may affect pleasure centers in the brain more than other foods, causing people to crave them and overeat.

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Not every form of GMO is bad. Crossing hybrid plants is considers to be a GMO process even though outside DNA was not used in the process. Mendel's pea experiment could very well be classified as GMO. GMO by itself is not a dirty word. The rationale for GMO food is to produce as much food as possible in the smallest space using the most cost effective methods, and that is directly tied into feeding the world.

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