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Audit finds lack of oversight of Mental Health Services Act spending

Obesity 63 tax increase on upper incomes, the state auditor finds. Critics say many severely ill people aren't getting help. By Patrick McGreevy August 15, 2013, 10:50 p.m. SACRAMENTO Nearly a decade after California voters approved a multibillion-dollar tax increase to improve mental health services, the state has failed to provide proper oversight of county programs funded by the measure, a state audit concluded Thursday.

Health Management confirms board change

Her condition worsened, and her organs started to fail. Five days after she was admitted to the hospital, additional interviews with her family revealed that she had seen bats in her home the previous summer. Her doctors sent samples of her skin and saliva to the CDC to be tested for rabies. The tests came back positive, but it was too late to administer the vaccine to the woman, who died several days later. The family members, and anyone at the hospital from the ambulance personnel to administrative staff who reported possible contact with the patient were given vaccine shots .

Woman's death from rabies highlights 'missed opportunity' in public health

Glenview Capital Management LLC announced Monday that it had won shareholder approval for its plan to replace the entire board of directors at the hospital operator. It said HMA's board would review the results of the vote. HMA said Friday that an independent inspector certified that a majority of its shareholders voted and appointed the new board. As a result, Glenview's eight nominees will serve on the board. HMA, based in Naples, Fla., is a company in flux.

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